Boycott the Baggie with One Small Step! We’re not looking for a massive change – just a small step to do your part and commit to stop using one disposable a day. Which disposable will you boycott? It can be a baggie, a paper napkin, a grocery bag, a disposable bottle or cup, a utensil – it is your choice!

All those plastic baggies, napkins, bottles, cups, utensils and bags add up. See our video to the left – we collected one school year's worth of trash for one child. We're on a mission to get rid of this useless trash and make lunch time (and our lifetime) a little cleaner and greener. We hope you'll help and take the pledge.

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Please join the One Small Step "Boycott the Baggie" Campaign on Facebook! Keep us posted on your progress on Facebook by friending the One Small Step "Boycott the Baggie" Campaign! It's a fun way to learn new ideas from other people and to share your own. We will be giving away weekly prizes and you'll be entered in our frequent One Small Step gift certificate drawings. We’re hoping adopting this habit will be so easy you’ll want to commit to two a day in a few weeks and then more!

Need Some Ideas? You can replace 180 plastic baggies (a school year's worth) with just one of our reusable sandwich bags, wraps or containers! The Other Disposables section helps you with other options – did you ever consider a stainless steel straw? (Tres chic!) Less than 5 percent of US shoppers use canvas, cotton or mesh bags. Please change that number by choosing reusable when you shop.

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